2017 MMAP Recognition and Training

Darren Bartnick OIG

Achievement Award for Regional Coordinators

Friend of MMAP Phillip Bergquist MDHHS2

Most Counseling Hours in Region

Most Volunteer Hours Award – Kate L for Evelyn Morford

Navigator Award – Mistelle Smith Region IV

Outreach Hours in Regions

Partial RC Achievement Group 2017

RC of the Year – Bob Callery – with Board Member J O’Connor

RC of the Year – Bob Callery – with Jo Murphy

Site Coordinator of the Year – Kitty Glomski

Team Member of the Year –
Barb Whalen

Team of the Year – AAA1A

Team of the Year 2017 –
AAAA and Donna Shellman

Team Spirit Award –
Carrie M for Bruce Barnes

Volunteer Medicare Fraud Awards –
Susan Marlow Lilly E for Joyce Rober

Award winners John Doyle and Barb Barnes

Counselor of the Year 2014 George Wojdaki

Jo, Pat, Penguin Award