Volunteer Testimonials

MMAP Team Member Testimonials

Tina Lysogorski
MMAP Team Member
Service Coordinator, Pine View Apartments
Bay County

I work in a low income senior apartment building and currently have about 135 residents that participate in Medicare, Medicaid, or both. My office is on-site. Since most of my residents are homebound this makes it easier for them to receive the MMAP services that can help them save money or understand materials and information they receive from Medicare and Medicaid.

I educate residents on what resources are available to them, assist them in applying, and manage the case until they receive the service or benefit for which they applied. I appreciate the education that MMAP continues to give to me so that I can assist the residents here to the fullest. My MMAP coordinator is always just a phone call away and is always willing to help me with a case that may be difficult.

Mary Ellen Walsh
MMAP Team Member
Service Coordinator, Immanuel Village
Isabella County

My MMAP coordinator and the MMAP staff are the best source of information in anything related to Medicare, Medicaid and other insurers. If they don’t know an answer, they know how to find the answer. They respond to inquiries in a timely and professional manner-having gathered and researched the topic in depth. Their wisdom and access to resources in invaluable in the job I have as a service coordinator in subsidized housing. I know my job would be much more difficult without MMAP.

Sandy Smith
MMAP Team Member
Area Agency on Aging 1-B
Oakland County

I can’t imagine my job without MMAP. I get so much satisfaction from explaining Medicare and Medicaid to beneficiaries that just want to understand. No other organization will take the time to explain.

I counseled a woman with both Medicare and Medicaid; she could not understand why all her medications were not covered. I helped her enroll in a plan with no monthly premium and covered all her meds. She called me her “Angel”. This is why I do it.

Cari Rebottaro
MMAP Team Member
Lenawee Department on Aging
Lenawee County

Being a part of MMAP is rewarding each day. It is always exciting to be able to educate Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers about the benefits of Medicare. Knowing that you are giving them the power to make educated decisions about their health care and health care coverage is awesome. I love to see a client set at ease as they begin to understand a complicated system with confidence.

Finding ways to help clients with health care costs can be a life saver. I remember helping a gentleman who had some very costly medications and was anticipating surgery in the near future. I helped him apply for the Low-Income Subsidy to help pay the cost of his medications. With the extra cash he now had available he was able to purchase a Medicare supplemental insurance plan. With the additional coverage he felt secure financially to go forward with the surgery and follow-up therapies. He still thanks me for saving his life when he sees me. What a great feeling!

MMAP Volunteer Testimonials

George Wojdacki
MMAP Volunteer
Area Agency on Aging 1-B Macomb County

As a MMAP volunteer, I feel gratified that I am able to use my work experience to help people. Giving presentations invigorates me. Getting questions from the audience, answering them, and the look of satisfaction on their faces make volunteering a “no-brainer”. MMAP and the people I work with are a “good feeling” volunteer opportunity.

Doni Owens
MMAP Volunteer
Detroit Area Agency on Aging Wayne County

I have a need to serve my neighbors, family, friends, community and the City of Detroit. I care about the quality of life for all residents in my city. Through MMAP, I have developed and continue to update skills to provide education, understanding and hope to Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. I serve as a bridge; MMAP lets me provide a passage over obstacles. MMAP is a necessity.

Volunteering with MMAP allows me to bring my energy, enthusiasm, joy, patience, service and knowledge to beneficiaries. I also meet other people willing to give their time to the spirit of volunteering. I give endless hours serving my community with MMAP and what I get in return is a refreshed, invigorated spirit that lets me continue to serve.

Mary Jones
MMAP Volunteer
Valley Area Agency on Aging Genesee County

I believe that volunteering makes a difference in the community. It’s one of those things that leave you with a good feeling. Volunteering with MMAP gives me the chance to give back to others; using the training we get to help and make a difference in someone’s daily life.

Doing volunteer work with MMAP lets me help many who find Medicare and the choices a maze. Each person is different with different needs or wants. But taking the time to show people we care and learning and knowing all we can, helps them to see their right choice.

My experience with MMAP blesses me. It blesses me knowing I have helped someone with a very important part of their life. I helped them with something they felt challenged over easier and now they’re comfortable making a good choice for themselves.

Anonymous MMAP Volunteer

The three reasons I volunteer with MMAP
1) Medicare and Medicaid can be very complicated and difficult to understand. I like to simplify the complex and help those who do not understand
2) There are more seniors that need help understanding than people to help. I have the time and the ability to help
3) Most important is that I am paying back God for the good life he has given me