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Medicare Drug Plan Enrollees Would Face Average 13 Percent Premium Increase Unless They Switch Plans During Open Enrollment, New Analysis Finds

Second Analysis Finds Modest Shifts in Medicare Advantage Plan Options When Medicare’s 2016 open enrollment begins Oct. 15, current enrollees in stand-alone Medicare Part D plans are projected to face an average 13 percent increase in premiums if they remain in their current plan for 2016, a new analysis finds. Medicare Part D: A First Look at Plan Offerings in …

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Please click this link to watch a video and learn how to protect yourself from Medicare fraud.

Medicare Part D is coming up!

Many people are still working when they’re first eligible for Medicare, and they need to decide if they should get Medicare Part B coverage. Those newly eligible for Medicare who are still working or have employer coverage have important decisions to make. It’s important they understand how and when to enroll, as well as the consequences of not enrolling. Those …

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Go Paperless With “Medicare & You”

Did you know you can read the red, white and blue “Medicare & You handbook” right on your smart phone, computer or tablet? Visit to find all of the same information online you’re used to seeing in your printed handbook. Learn what’s new, get Medicare costs, and find out what Medicare covers. Even better, we update the handbook information on the …