2018 – Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories – 2018

1. When you qualify for Medicaid, it’s safe to say you don’t have extra spending money and meeting your basic needs can be challenging. I met with a client who has been on disability for a long time. He came in for an annual review of his Medicare prescription coverage. Because he is dually eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid, he has always been enrolled in a Part D prescription drug plan. His only health-related expenses were low copays on prescription drugs. A couple of months ago, an insurance agent came to his apartment and talked him into purchasing a Medicare Advantage plan through XYZ Health. He told the agent that he had both Medicare and Medicaid and the agent told him the policy was better to have. Although the plan did not have a monthly premium, as with any Medicare Advantage plan, the client had copays and deductibles for every doctor’s appointment, diagnostic test and procedure. With Medicare and Medicaid only, he didn’t have copays. This was a case of a beneficiary being misled into purchasing a product that was not the best option for his situation. Together, we reviewed his options and he chose to enroll in a prescription drug plan for the remainder of 2018 and also 2019. This will enable him to use his Medicare and Medicaid benefits more appropriately, without increased expenses.

2. A gentleman recently moved from Arizona to Alcona County, Michigan. While in Arizona he had a Medicare Savings Program, which ended when he moved to Michigan. He went to Social Security Administration after receiving a letter stating that the $134 premium for Part B would be deducted from his monthly check. The SSA referred him to MMAP for assistance in applying for the MSP benefit. As an aging gentleman, he found the prospect of losing $134 of his $1,066 monthly income to be quite significant and worried about paying his household and personal expenses. He was assisted with applying for the benefit, as well as retroactive coverage for the previous three months so he can get reimbursed. We appreciate our counselors and volunteers, Happy Holidays to all!

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