Don’t navigate Medicare fraud alone.

The Senior Medicare Patrol is a free resource provided by the Michigan Medicare Assistance Program, designed to help you prevent, detect and report alleged Medicare fraud. We will help create an action plan of next steps, including calling your provider to inform them of the fraud, calling Medicare to inform them your information has been compromised and getting a new Medicare card.


Popular scams involve calling Medicare beneficiaries and asking them to verify their Medicare numbers so that they can be sent new Medicare plastic cards. Other scams involve catheters, DNA kits or different types of braces. Scammers will also ask for personal information like your provider’s name and Medicare number. And then using that stolen information, scammers create false orders and push through the system.

Medicare will never contact you by phone. Just hang up.

Protect yourself and your loved ones.

For 25 years, the Senior Medicare Patrol has been educating and empowering Medicare members, their families and their caregivers through community outreach, one-on-one counseling and more. For example, they teach you to…

  • Remember, Medicare will never contact you by phone. Medicare only contacts members by mail, never by phone. They will also never send a representative to your house.
  • Protect your private information. Medicare will never ask for your social security number, Medicare number, phone numbers, birth date, address, provider names or to verify your information. Medicare already has the information they need.
  • Never feel pressured to sign up for a particular coverage. Hang up on anyone claiming to be a Medicare representative, asking you to enroll now. For free, unbiased counseling and help selecting coverage that’s right for you, talk to our experts.
  • Check your Medicare statement for fraud. If you have a account you can see a summary of activity on your Medicare account in real time. Do you see any unexpected charges or unknown providers? Did you receive something you did not order? Review your statement carefully and contact us.

    Take action to help stop fraud. We can help be your guide.
    Call the Senior Medicare Patrol for free, confidential guidance to navigate alleged Medicare fraud at 1-866-MICH SMP.

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