Don’t get hung up in a Medicare scam.

The Senior Medicare Patrol is a free resource provided by the Michigan Medicare Assistance Program, designed to help you prevent, detect and report Medicare fraud. 

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Protect yourself and your loved ones.

For 25 years, the Senior Medicare Patrol has been educating and empowering Medicare members, their families and their caregivers through community outreach, one-on-one counseling and more. For example, they can teach you that…

  • Medicare will never contact you by phone. Medicare only contacts members by mail, never by phone. They will also never send a representative to your house.
  • Medicare will never ask for your private information. Medicare will never ask for your social security number, Medicare number, birth date, address, etc. They already have it.
  • You should never feel pressured to sign up for a particular coverage. Hang up on anyone claiming to be a Medicare representative, asking you to enroll now. For free, unbiased counseling and help selecting coverage that’s right for you, talk to our experts.

To report Medicare fraud, call 1-800-642-4767.

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