Client Success Story 1

I had a gentleman and his wife come to me last year. They have a friend who has a Blue Cross Blue Shield Legacy plan and he is so happy with it, they wanted it also. However, when they found out how much it was going to cost per month they were not happy. They were both in a PPO and only paying $15/mo. So, they were even MORE unhappy when I told them that not only would they have to pay for this Legacy plan, but they would need a Part D plan as well.
Since the Legacy plan was becoming extinct, I told them to try it because they won’t be able to get it later and they wouldn’t be sorry (I hoped). Yesterday the gentleman came to see me to tell me he got some bad news – he has cancer. But he wanted to thank me because I helped them to sign up with the Legacy plan and it has not only saved them a TON of money, but the peace of mind he has knowing that this future hospital stays will be covered is priceless.

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