picture of Leo Paveglio

Volunteer’s Multi-faceted Interests

Our volunteers are very interesting, active people! While visiting my cousin in Glen Arbor (Leelanau Peninsula, above Traverse City) last week, she took me to a play reading of “The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes and THE Woman”. One of the actors was Leo Paveglio, a MMAP counselor in Region 10! His passion and enthusiasm for his part definitely helped to make the experience enjoyable.

MMAP counselors are busy people with many activities on their plates, and it may not be evident that the experience they bring to MMAP is quite varied and valuable. I wanted to express a heartfelt thank you to them for wanting to give part of their time and talents to MMAP and Michigan’s Medicare beneficiaries.

Leo said to invite you all to come and see their performance of “Lost Horizon” on December 10, 11, and 13!

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